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Tanita Pro Body Composition Analyzers

Compare the ModelsBetter than ordinary medical scales, Tanita pro body composition analyzers quickly and easily determines your patient's body weight, body fat percentage, hydration level, lean body mass, BMI and more. Many models include thermal printer for patient records.  And with Tanita's Weight Management Software for Windows, you'll be able to simply and easily design and monitor a diet and exercise program for your patients and clients.

The perfect scale replacement for physicians, hospitals, clinics, gym and fitness centers.

FREE UPS Ground shipping on all Tanita body composition monitors

Model Rice Lake D1000
Rice Lake D1000
Price Select
From $2335.50
Capacity 400 x 0.2 lb
200 x 0.1 kg
Height Rod -
Platform Size 14.5" x 14"
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Tanita BC-418 pro segmental body composition analyzer Tanita BC-418 Pro Segmental Body Composition Analyzer
Tanita BC-418 pro segmental body composition analyzer adds hand grips to the system and through 8 electrodes can show separate body mass readings for 5 different parts of the body. Better than ordinary medical scales, this body composition analyzer also measures body fat, hydration, fat free mass and more. Includes built in printer.
- 440 lb x 0.2 lb
- 0.1% body fat graduations
- 0.2 lb body water graduations
- calculates separate body mass readings from different parts of the body

TBF-300GS Tanita Body Composition scale

Tanita TBF-300A - Body Composition Analyzer
Designed for high schools, colleges and fitness centers, with adult and athlete modes, as well as the special wrestler mode. Includes Goal Setter feature to calculate the fat mass that should be lost or gained to achieve a pre-selected target body fat percentage. 

- 440 lb x 0.2 lb
- 0.1% body fat graduations
- 0.2 lb body water graduations
TBF-310 Large capacity body composition analyzer

Tanita TBF-310GS Pro Body Composition Analyzer
Measures body weight, body fat percentage, hydration level, fat mass, fat free mass, BMR. With extra large platform, integrated printer, LCD display, weight only function and RS-232 interface.

- 600 lb x 0.2 lb
- 0.1% body fat graduations
- 0.2 lb body water graduations
TBF-410 Body Fat Analyzer with height rod

Tanita TBF-410GS Body Composition Analyzer
Intended for wellness centers and doctors' offices. Features an "All-in-One" column-mount design, making it perfect for use in small, dedicated spaces. With adult and athlete modes, "weight-only" function, integrated printer, and RS-232 port for computer interface. Prints fat mass, fat percentage, total body water, BMR, and desirable ranges plus Goal Setter feature.

- 440 lb x 0.2 lb
- 0.1% body fat graduations
- 0.2 lb body water graduations
Economically priced body composition analyzer

Tanita BF-350 Body Composition Analyzer
Measures body weight and body fat, and when combined with Tanita's Health Management Software, it also measures hydration level, basal metabolic rate, fat free mass and more. With RS-232 interface. Large LCD display, weight only feature, adult and athlete modes and extra large platform

- 440 lb x 0.2 lb
- 0.5% body fat graduations
Tanita Health Management Software

Tanita Health Management Software
With its' patient history window, the software displays a summary of all patient data including vital signs and records can be edited. The bar and pie charts provide reports for clear patient communication and motivation. The fitness plan development options include helping patients plan ideal diets and  exercise plans and schedules.

System Requirements: PC with any version of Windows $279.95
Padded carrying case for Tanita scales

Tanita C-300 Padded Carrying Case
for TBF-300A and TBF-310GS Tanita body composition analyzers. Nylon bag with reinforced shoulder straps. Extra compartment inside for equipment and outside for literature

Dimensions: 18" W x 9.5 D x 14" H $175
Height Rod

Tanita HR-200 Height Rod 
This easy-to-mount height rod is simple-to-use and built for many years of use. Plus, the retractable design and folding headpiece stores in a compact footprint when not in use.

- 24" to 83" x 1/16" (610 to 2120 mm x 1 mm) $165

WARNING:  Not for use with individuals having a pacemaker or other internal medical device.


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