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Detecto Baby Scales 

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Mechanical Baby Scales
Detecto D-450 Mechanical Infant Scale
Detecto 450 Beam Style Mechanical Pediatric Scales

 D-450 Mechanical Infant Scale
  Price: $389.00
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 33 lbs (estimate shipping cost)
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The Detecto 450 mechanical baby scale has a heavy duty rust resistant understructure with easy to read die-cast beam.

  • Dimensions: 27" H x 22" W x 21" D
  • Polystyrene Tray: 22" W x 14-3/4" x 4-1/2" high (washable)
  • Capacity: 130 lb x 1 oz


Digital Baby Scales
Detecto 6745 Digital Infant Scale
Detecto 6745 Digital Infant Scales

 D-6745 Digital Baby Scale
  Price: $1095.00
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 30 lbs (estimate shipping cost)
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Designed to be used with the utmost ease, the Detecto 6745 digital baby scale can weigh even the most active baby. With step-by-step instructions right on the keypad, there’s never any question about what to do next. The Detecto 6745 features lock-in weight ability, built-in battery charger for NiCad or NiMH batteries (15 hours charging time), a locking pin for easily removing the tray for cleaning, and sleep and auto shutoff modes to extend battery life.

Detecto 6745 baby scale with serial connectivity -- connect to PC or printer!Detecto 6745 Digital Baby Scales have a lock-in weight feature which compensates for typical newborn movement. When weight stabilizes, it is “locked in” and displayed. The infant can be removed and its weight is retained. The scale features a built-in battery charger, battery or AC power, a built-in measuring tape, and a large 1.0” high transflective LCD display. Serial output allows the scale to be connected to a printer or PC.

  • 250 continuous hours batter life with alkaline batteries (80 hours with NiCad)
  • Sleep and Auto Shutoff modes extends battery life
  • Adjustable lock threshold
  • Color-coded keypad with instructions
  • Acceleration of gravity compensation
  • Standard serial output for use with a computer or printer
  • Easy cleanup

Detecto 6745 baby scale with integrated ruler!


  • Capacity: 30 lb x 0.1 oz / 15 kg x 0.005 kg
  • Tray Size; 26 W x 12.19 D inches (66 W x 31 D cm)
  • Overall Size: 26 w x 14.26 D x 7.47 H inches (66 W x 36 D x 19 H cm)
  • Display: 6-digit, 7-segment 1.0 inches / 25 mm high, transflective LCD
  • Power: 6 C cell batteries or universal
    AC adapter
  • Weighing Units: Pounds/Ounces, Kilograms
  • Ruler: Built in, measures up to 22 inches (56 cm)
  • Output: RS-232 serial
  • Shipping Weight: 25 lbs


Detecto 8440 Digital Baby Scales
The Detecto 8440 digital baby scale

 D-8440 Digital Baby Scale
  Price: $185
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 12 lbs (estimate shipping cost)
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Optional (6800-1037) AC Adapter , Add $52.95

Optional (8440 Baby Scale Case , Add $65.00

The economical Detecto 8440 digital pediatric scale has smooth contours and a small, space-saving footprint.

  • Display: 4-3/4 digits LCD 1.0" (25mm) high
    Tray Dimensions: 20 ½” L x 10 ¾” W (520mm L x 272mm W)
  • Scale Dimensions: 13" L x 9-3/4" W x 7-1/4" H (333 mm x 246 x 184)
  • Memory function: Memory for comparison of current and stored weight
  • Clock function: Time and Date
  • Power Source: 6V DC (4 "AA" batteries or optional AC adapter, not included)
  • Capacity: 44 lb x 1/2 oz / 20 kg x 10 g


Detecto 8435 Digital Baby Scales
Detecto D-8435 Digital Baby Scale

Detecto D-8435 Digital Baby Scale
Price: $895.00
currently in stock
Shipping Weight: 50 lbs (estimate shipping cost)
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Easy-to-clean polystyrene trays cradle babies securely on these dependable, portable scales. The Detecto 8435 digital pediatric scale features pounds or kilograms and a high contrast LCD display with auto zero, auto shutoff, and push button tare. A light, attractive scale, the portability is increased by the use of battery power with 6 "C" size alkaline batteries.


  • Capacity: 130 lb x 0.1 lb
  • Tray: 22" H x 14.75" W x 4.5" D ( 559mm H x 375mm W x 114mm D), washable polystyrene
  • Dimensions: 20.25" H x 22" W x 22" D ( 514mm H x 559mm W x 559mm D)
  • Easy-to-clean polystyrene trays
  • Easy-to-read 0.7 inch high contrast LCD display
  • Heavy steel base and precision lever system
  • Heavy-duty, rust-resistant understructure
  • Display: 0.7 inch (18mm) high-contrast LCD
  • Power: 6 "AA" size alkaline batteries or optional AC adapter

The Detecto digital infant scales features a high contrast digital display with soft, foam padded, inclined chair seat (removable from base). Detecto infant scales also feature nonskid pads and heavy-duty rust-resistant understructure.Power x 3 with the new 750 Weight Display

The new Detecto 750 weighing indicator is the perfect weight display for all applications. The recharging circuitry is “Built-In” to the 750 display. Utilizing the AC-adapter and installing Ni-Cad “AA” batteries, you can have a truly free standing scale in any office environment.

  • Operate up to 250 hours on new alkaline batteries.
  • Operate up to 100 hours on NiCad batteries before recharging. (Recharging time is approximately 8 hours and the scale can be operated during this time.)

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